Thank you for checking out our campus ministry! We're glad you're here!

The Christian Student Center, or CSC, is a campus ministry at Troy University dedicated to helping students grow upward toward God, inward toward each other, and outward to the world. 

Our mission is also to help students feel seen, loved, and known. 


Every Wednesday night at 6:30 pm, we'll meet to study the Bible together. We like to keep things discussion based around tables, and sometimes we'll share a meal together. At Midweek, you can expect good conversations, rich fellowship, and a strong community that will walk alongside you as you grow in your relationship with God. We need God and we need each other!

Hang out at the CSC!

Students are usually in and out during the day and hanging out most nights during the semester. Change the scenery from campus or your apartment and enjoy a comfortable place to study and hang out with friends.

TROY Christian Student Center

703 University Avenue Troy, AL 36081